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MD Islam

First of all, I would like to thank my elder brother who inspired and supported me to become a Real Estate agent. I did not have any interest in this field buy my brother asked me to do that. For this reason, I am a Real Estate agent right now. There aren’t many career opportunities that are as rewarding as Real Estate. As Real Estate Agents and Brokers, you are able to help people get their dream homes. You can help someone get their retirement house set up. Or you can help a new couple buy their first home. Buying a home is a big personal achievement for most and you are a big part of it. Another reason I prefer a career in real estate is freedom. I can work in my own way to develop the business and great opportunity to work from inside or outside the office. The Real Estate market is unlimited. People are always renting, buying, selling, and investing. As an agent you have a great level of independence. This mean that there is no limit as to how much you earn per year, as there is no limit on how much Real Estate you can sell. Being an agent means earning as much money as you want. That’s why I love this profession.


I have been involved in Real Estate for about two years. During this time, I have obtained a lot of knowledge regarding it and still, I am learning.