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Austin Yee
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Austin Yee

Real Estate is more than a career path for me, it's a whole lifestyle. One that lets me positivelyimpact other people's lives, one that helps me grow personally and become a better version ofmyself. It's a profession that allows me to give back to my family and take care of them.

Likewise, being a realtor gives me the flexibility to support the love of my life in his demandingendeavors in Law Enforcement (another role in my life I could not be happier to take on). On topof all that, I am working to build a brand around myself, by embracing the creed realtors andother high level professionals live by and creating my own version of the "American Dream". I enjoy the idea of having a public facing profession, where my personal success is measured by the trust I've earned from others. Being a realtor is everything and more to me, and I could notbe prouder or happier to have the opportunity to be yours. By the way, I am never too busy foryour friends and family if they have any real estate needs.